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First off, my blog turned one last week! I have a short attention span so I don’t really stick to anything longer than a few months. Sure I haven’t posted as much as I’d hoped but you know things get in the way, life throws lemons constantly that I try but simply cannot dodge. But I’m still here and I’m glad you are too!

(Surprise cake from Mr.Moon, so delicate I was afraid to take it off it’s original packaging. Don’t judge!)

Kriss Soonik is currently my favourite lingerie designer, when I think of her designs I just think easy breezy, functional kitty cat. The new collection was inspired by the cherry blossoms during one of her trips to Tokyo this is a season that is very special to me also, so when she released the pieces from her SS18 collection I was literally lusting after everything!


Before I could get my hands on the new collection I picked up a few exclusive pieces from the BLTP x Kriss Soonik collaboration, which I absolutely adored. The thing about Kriss’ designs are I feel they really suit my current lingerie style, they are pieces that I go back to time and time again instead of items I impulse buy and leave in my drawers to look pretty. They are playful yet fully functional as lingerie and outerwear. Unfortunately the style I really had my heart set on was the Susan top in lilac which wasn’t available online (insert tear__).


Susan top ¥19,400 (approx $235 aud)

When I found out there was going to be a Kriss Soonik pop up store in Tokyo it felt like my prayers have been answered and the lingerie gods are listening. I went on the first day and got my paws on the Susan top in lilac which was exclusive to Japan accompanied with a limited edition tote bag. I also had the pleasure of meeting the designer! She had such a great vibe about her really cool and down to earth, which makes me even happier to support the brand.

The fit for the Susan top runs pretty standard and is available in size Small-Large. I purchased this in a size small which I would suggest for an Australian size 6-8.


If you don’t already know lilac is my absolute favourite colour so this current collection and me are a match made in heaven. I really love the design of Susan, it’s comfortable and fits me perfectly. I have large arms so anything that has elastic around the biceps is a challenge for me, but not this style which is probably what draws me to it, the little puff sleeves, the lace is soft delicate and also affordable, you can dress it up or down, sexy or cute. The styling options are so versatile, it can be worn reversible with the velvet ribbon peek-a-boo detail worn at the front or the back. I generally would style this with a black bra, but most of the Japanese girls here style it with a t-shirt underneath. It really is a piece I would collect in all colours.



Pony French Knickers $100 aud

I don’t know anyone that doesn’t love a french knicker, when I saw these I instantly had to have them (do I say that about everything?). These knickers are made completely of sheer black mesh and are gusset free so they are extra sexy.


What I also love about them is that they are so floaty and feminine and I especially love the wide elastic used on the band, it’s so soft, secure and doesn’t dig in on the hips and topped off with a black satin bow and the signature gold cat label in the center. Perfect for lounging or worn under dresses, I’ve worn them all day without them riding up my butt so they’ll be heavily worn during summer. As they are an exclusive collaboration by Kriss Soonik x Babylikestopony and at such an affordable price point I don’t expect them to be around too long. The knickers are available in size X-Small – Large, I’m wearing them in a size small.



Do you seek out exclusive pieces or do you tend to go for classic ranges?

Till the next set.


Kisses From The Moon 💋

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