Tisja Damen – Angel or Siren?


Gorgeous label Tisja Damen from Amsterdam has caught my eye with their beautiful campaigns and poetic approach to story telling. I’m like a forest nymph in a magical land far far away, if only I could wear all their lacy things and frolic endlessly.

These beautiful pieces were purchased months ago from Babylikestopony and I have just worn them for the first time today. Funny story, I couldn’t find them this morning and searched my drawers frantically. I had come to the conclusion that someone had broken into my house and stolen just that set! Crazy people make up crazy stories and believe them, till I remembered I had quickly shoved it in an empty drawer months ago.. Ahem crisis averted. Can’t believe I made myself believe I was robbed :/


Here I am wearing the Ophelia full neckline bra in a size medium and it is the most supportive high neck bra I own. I was really surprised as the bra is made up of the finest combination of chantilly lace from France, leavers lace from Italy and is wire free.

Tisja-Damen-Ophelia-BraOphelia‘ full neck line bra with ‘Off Shoulder‘ accessory $430aud

The make of the bra is as beautiful on as it looks off, the lace is a combination of a very soft delicate lace with a sturdier type on the bottom half of the bra. Though it is supportive that doesn’t mean tough scratchy lace. Though there are many high neck bras on the market the unique neck line of this bra is what made me keel over, a lovely piece to show off and accentuate any outfit. The bra band is quite strong and of a really nice thick quality which I think adds to a lot of the support, both the band and straps are adjustable with gold sliders and has a front closure giving the cleavage a little boost. My only cons for the bra are the front neck closure, because ahh it takes so long to actually do up and if you have nails you can forget about it!

I also purchased the bra with the ‘Off Shoulder’ accessory which fall off quite easily so I have yet to wear them outside the house.


Tisja-Damen-Bra-AccessoryDetachable shoulder accessory hooks onto the lace

For me, the question is always highwaisted or not highwaisted? These ouvert knickers are so playful with the lace details on the back and the strappy details. I find the V cut of the panties a compliment to my body shape and though these are not the matching bottoms for the Ophelia bra it does feature some of the same leavers lace, which I thought still carried through quite nicely.


The lace on these briefs are very delicate and feature a unique large floral pattern, these are not just highwaisted ouvert knickers but they are high cut on the leg too, have an adjustable waist band and cross over straps at the front, which are a sexy little little detail and actually what sold me on these.

The garters however are a lovely edition and though will hold up your stockings they will tug at the waist causing the front straps to be pulled down. Bottoms were purchased in a size medium.

Tisja-Damen-Angel-or-Siren-BriefAngel or Siren‘ High Rise Ouvert Knickers with detachable garters $285aud



Tisja-Damen-Angel-or-Siren-Ouvert-BackAs per usual ending with a butt pic!

Overall Tisja Damen create beautiful lingerie and if you haven’t already tried them I definitely suggest adding them to you wish list! So glad I was able to try these on at Babylikestopony, as according to the sizing chart on the Tisja Damen website I have gone a size up and down to their suggested. If I ordered these online I would have ordered a size large in the bra due to most of my bras being a size 34D and the knickers in a size small as I am usually a size small.

I’m really hoping to organise a nicer set up for my blog this year and eventually take higher quality images on my camera instead of my phone. Until then stick around and share your thoughts with me.

Till the next set my lovelies.


Kisses From The Moon 💋

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