Flxsh Dance


I’ve always looked at this set with the corner of my eye, loving it from a distance as I try to keep my wardrobe as minimal as possible, only adding items that are versatile and will get loads of wear.

But the time had come when I could turn away no more, it was now or never as this little number was soon to be gone forever!


What attracted me to Flash You and Me was not only are their designs fun and playful but because they are also a family owned business, and their pieces are handcrafted with love in Latvia.

After two weeks I was my own version of Alex from Flash Dance! Wearing this fine nude mesh with black velvet polka dots. It really was so nice and soft to wear.


Sizing fit perfectly for me. I referred to their sizing chart and for my measurements I ordered a small in all three items, no issues here.

Crop Top 29€

I can’t wait till the weather gets warmer so I can prance around in this set, no heater required. I might even bring my Flash Dance dreams to life and wear it to the studio!

Diamond Panties 19€

Garter Skirt 29€

I especially love the skirt because not only is it super freak’n cute the suspender clips are some of the easiest I’ve ever used. I have to say there have been mornings where I’ve thrown on a pair of jeans because I don’t have time to fiddle around with suspender clips but I think this may just be my saviour. The clips are metal with a slightly harder rubber which feels pretty sturdy compared to most suspender clips I’ve come across, and the suspender straps are removeable which turns this into the cutest micro mini you’ve ever seen!



Do you have this set? Or any other Flash pieces? Tell me your thoughts.

Till the next set my lovelies.


Kisses From The Moon 💋

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